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Bollywood responds to My Magical Palace – Rituparna Sengupta, Actress

November 18th, 2013 | 1 Comment

“Freedom of thought…..freedom of expression…..freedom of love… explicit yet so sensitive….such a wonderful read” – Rituparna Sengupta

When do we first experience a lack of freedom in expressing who we are? “No!” or “Don’t” teach us early in life to stop whatever it is we are doing. As teenagers we develop our identities and personalities, our sexuality and passions, interests and ideas,  but the words “No!” and “Don’t” continue to rob us of our freedom of expression. Read My Magical Palace to see how the struggle to find freedom liberates and transforms all those who dare to break the rules.


 Excerpt from My Magical Palace

“All around the room, everyone was speculating about why Amit, the class idol, had suddenly been called to the principal’s office. Was he in trouble?

Suddenly, Suresh Khosla got up, looking very pleased with himself. ‘Silence, boys,’ he said … With a sly grin on his face, he said, ‘Amit wrote a love letter to Rohit. Rohit showed it to me after football practice. And I told Mrs Joshi.’

… there was a huge commotion. ‘Arre, yaar, Amit is a bloody homo!’ several of the boys shouted indignantly. I did not understand what it meant or why everyone was getting so upset. The class got quiet again when our geography teacher walked in.

‘What is a homo?’ I whispered to Ranjan. He looked at me with scorn, delighted by my ignorance. Lips curling, he spoke in a patronizing voice: ‘Amit wrote a love letter to another boy. Of course he is a homo. It’s not normal.’ Grimacing, he pretended to vomit.

‘Oh …’ was all I could say, embarrassed by my ignorance, feeling the blood rush to my face. ‘Oh, a homo.’ I bit my lip.

Later, in the middle of civics class, looking harried, Mr Puri came into the room and collected Amit’s bag and books. …. As he left, I felt afraid for Amit.

 But in the films, the hero and heroine always wrote love letters to each other. No one ever said that was dirty. This must have something to do with a boy writing a love letter to another boy.”

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