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Bollywood responds to My Magical Palace – From Dimple Kapadia, Actress & Wife of Rajesh Khanna

November 25th, 2013 | No Comments

Dimple Kapadia“It very strangely reminded me of my early days with Kakaji…..I wasn’t much older to Rahul when I fell in love with the phenomenon called Rajesh Khanna…..I could identify myself with Rahul so easily…..and that shows that love doesn’t have any gender crisis or bias……it is not your sexuality but your emotions which are important.” – Dimple Kapadia

My Magical Palace is an ode to Rajesh Khanna. With these words of wisdom, Dimple Kapadia goes to the core of every human being’s greatest need, to love and be loved and no one has the right to legislate it. Thank you Dimple Kapadia for speaking up for the millions who dare not speak of their love.

Excerpt from My Magical Palace:

“‘Pay attention, Rahul!’ A resounding slap on the side of my head accompanied that whip-like warning as Mr Swaminathan glared at me. My ear and head throbbed with pain …  I had been daydreaming … Rajesh Khanna had never looked as fine as he did in Anand. He pouted and did this irresistible thing with his eyes, looking away and gently tilting his head towards his upraised hand in a move that kept his fans rapt with joy…. ”

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