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Body Memories

July 26th, 2012 | No Comments

Your warm body

remembers me.

It holds me

like a grooved spoon.

Your knees rest in the crook of mine.

Softly undulating

your breath whispers gentle

kisses on the nape of my neck.


Like tides

our burning skin

ebbs and flows

into each other.


And so the night passes

as we hold each other

in the cradle

of our bodies –

our breath hovering,

a fine mist –

watching and protecting.


And in the morning

as you abruptly roll

out of bed,

you pause as you lay on me,

lip to lip,

skin to skin,

for a split second that lasts

for eternity.


Unsaid words

linger in

the blue void of your eyes

like fleeting wisps of clouds.


I too rise.

the river of desire still surging,



And over coffee,

in the unforgiving light of morning

I see

the river shrinking,


into a rivulet and then a trickle

that dries out

even as I get ready

to pour my tears

into it.

To keep it

from vanishing.


We leave

the coffee shop,

exchanging polite


Another poem I have written which has been published in ‘Hot Flashes 2’. 

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