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Why do I write?

May 11th, 2012 | 2 Comments

I wonder about that. Perhaps because I love to read so much and spent an entire childhood voraciously devouring books. Or perhaps because both my grandmothers were accomplished writers and had a passion for language and literature. My great-grandmother wrote her last poem at the age of 99 in Bengali. Or perhaps because I grew up encouraged to read anything I wanted, though I seldom saw my parents anything but The Deccan Chronicle newspaper.

I wrote poetry before I wrote prose. It seemed to come naturally early on. But then there were those rigid formative years of essay writing in high school. My English teacher Ms. Kamat was a strict educator and her rigor only served to further whet my appetite for excellent literature. So after going to engineering college for several years—my desire to study literature treated indulgently but never seriously—all the unrequited desire finally drove me to start attending a creative writing class in San Francisco at the Writing Salon, with Linda Watanabe McFerrin. After attending her class, something was unleashed in me. I grew fascinated with the technicalities of writing—dialog, plot, point of view, voice, story arc, pace, transitions. The art of balancing all of these and more in a choreographed and precise manner all contributed to the art of storytelling. A challenge I find irresistible. But my story telling has a purpose. To entertain, to educate, to move, to inspire and to captivate and above all, to make us, a unique animal species recognize that no matter what we look like and where we are from, we are all the same. We go through the same fears, pains, emotions and ultimately all just want to be loved.

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